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     The following is a list of major publicatons and speeches by Marshall Burns, updated through early 1999. Many of these items may be read online free of charge by clicking on their titles in this listing. In addition to those found here, Burns has written and delivered many other articles and speeches on fabbers, physics, space, and business. For a complete list, see Marshall Burns: Publications and Appearances.

Major Book

Automated Fabrication — The book
Automated Fabrication: Improving Productivity in Manufacturing
     First published in 1993 by Prentice Hall, now available in paperback from Ennex Corporation. 369 + xxv pages, illustrated
The first major book on fabbers: machines that generate 3-dimensional solid objects under computer control. Covers additive, subtractive (CNC), and hybrid processes. Ten chapters cover current machines, future processes, case studies, materials science, economic impact, and more.

Also available in Italian translation from Tecniche Nuove, Milan, Italy.

This book has been reviewed in Midnight Engineering, MicroTimes, Engineering Automation Report, Scientific American, Industrial Laser Review, and Rapid Prototyping Report.

Key Popular Articles

The Freedom to Create
     Midnight Engineering, November-December 1995, p 17..31 (Reprinted from Technology Management, v 1, # 4, 1995, p 157..63. Based on keynote speech at workshop on Rapid Prototyping of Functional Components, AlliedSignal, Inc., Orange, New Jersey, July 1994)

Based on Marshall Burns’ first corporate keynote presentation, this article compares the impact of fabbers on manufacturing to the impact of books on literacy and of cars on transportation. It introduces the notion of an “emancipating technology,” which brings a new type of freedom to people, as books, automobiles, and fabbers have done. The impact of fabbers on 21st-century manufacturing and society is discussed.

The Origins and Direction of the Fabricator Revolution
     Rapid News, North American edition, September 1997

The farthest-reaching discussion of future fabbers yet, including “accretive fabrication,” modeled on the growth of biological systems.

Automated Fabrication: The Future of Manufacturing
     Rapid Prototyping Journal, v 1, #1, 1995, p 37..8

Explains how fabbers will undo the harmful effects of the industrial revolution on mankind, returning manufacturing to the community.

Growing Autofab into the 21st Century in Rapid Prototyping Report, March 1994, p 3..6

Based on an invited lecture at a United Nations conference in Ibadan, Nigeria, this article discusses the three basic areas of research in fabber development: process, materials, and control, with examples of the sorts of problems studied in each area.

What is Gravity? in Ad Astra, June 1991, p 14

A brief explanation of general relativity in nontechnical language.

Key Technical Papers

Requirements of Future Fabricator Data Formats in Workshop on Design Methodologies for Solid Freeform Fabrication, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1995

Visualizing Nonlinear Resonance in Classical and Quantum Mechanics in Computers in Physics (cover article), September-October 1992, p 483..93

Explanation of graphical techniques used to explore quantum chaos (resonance behavior) in extreme-Stark states of the hydrogen atom.

Major Speeches

The FAB–ulous Fabber! — How to Profit from the Next Technology Revolution.

The all new presentation on fabbers for the year 2000.

Fabbing the Future: Developments in Rapid Manufacturing
     at Plastics Product Design & Development Forum, Chicago, Illinois, May 30, 1998

A detailed presentation on fabbers and how to use them.

Using Fabricators to Reduce Space Transportation Costs
     with David S. McKay and Hubert P. Davis
     at Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium, Austin, Texas, August 1996

Explains how fabbers are the critical element that will finally make space habitation feasible for the first time in history.

The History and Future of Fabricators
     Keynote at Rapid Prototyping Symposium
     Japan Association of Rapid Prototyping Industry, Kyoto, Japan, May 1996

The Magic and Practice of Fabricators
     Technical keynote at Advanced Industry Seminar on Manufacturing
     Andersen and Co., St. Charles, Illinois, May 1996

The Prototype is the Product: The Model Maker in 21st-Century Manufacturing
     Keynote at Association of Professional Model Makers Annual Meeting
     Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 1995

The Household Fabricator
     at Fourth Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium, Austin, Texas, August 11, 1993

A look at new home construction in the year 2008, with its fiber-optic network connections, pneumatic material supply tubes, and the family fabber room.

Automated Fabrication in Europe: A U.S. Perspective
     Keynote at First European Conference on Rapid Prototyping, Nottingham, U.K., July 1992

The exciting developments in Europe in the context of exciting developments worldwide. Data on important aspects of the industry in which Europe leads the world.

Perspectives on StereoLithography: Automated Fabrication in the 19th, 20th, and 21st Centuries
     Keynote at StereoLithography Users’ Group Conference and Annual Meeting
     San Francisco, California, March 31, 1992

Marshall Burns’ first keynote address, given to the 1992 StereoLithography Users Group Conference in San Francisco. He presented many of the exciting lessons learned in the research for his book, Automated Fabrication, which was published the following year. This included the origins of and future prospects for this dynamic industry, with suggestions on handling its challenges.

Major Patent

Method and Apparatus for Automatic Fabrication of Three-Dimensional Objects
     U.S. Patent 5,514,232, May 7, 1996, 32 claims

The primary patent on Offset Fabbing, which is protected by this and two additional issued patents.

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