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The Ennex Companies
Advanced Technology Concepts

     Ennex is a family of ventures dedicated to the development and management of advanced technology concepts. Founded in Canada by Marshall Burns in the 1970s and operating today in Los Angeles, California, we have been involved in some of the most important technology the world has seen, including PC clone computers, digital manufacturing, Internet software, and nanotechnology.

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Offset(TM) Fabbing now available for licensing

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What Ennex Can Do For You

SLA fabber making multiple copies of an object
Digital Fabrication. A leading source of expertise on fabbers and digital manufacturing technologies, applications, and markets.

Ennex Offset (TM) Fabbing engineering team
New Tech Ventures. With 30 years in technology development, Marshall Burns has added a street MBA to his physics PhD. Talk to him about your toughest challenges.

Offset (TM) Fabbing process available for licensing
Offset Fabbing is fast, simple, and material versatile. Three patents, working prototype, and production design. Available for licensing to qualified parties.

Fabbers.com. Leveraging a decade of experience in digital fabrication technology, applications, and markets. We have moved our public service content to a new site, interested in partnering on developing a Web portal for this up-and-coming industry.

Other projects. Learn more about the exciting problems that Ennex has solved through the years — and the projects we are working on today.

The Ennex Companies
Los Angeles, California
Phone: (805) 451-4507
E-mail: Contact e-address
Web site: www.Ennex.com

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